AoA Blend No. 1

Our flagship, award-winning release is a combination of three exceptional distillates of varying ages—two ryes and one bourbon. Each was extracted from our unique collection of found, rare, and orphaned barrels.

Alongside friends, who are some of the most well-respected minds and masters in the industry, the meticulous blending process saw dozens of versions to create this one-of-a-kind whiskey.

We are proudly blended and bottled in partnership with the good folks at The Bardstown Bourbon Company and are forever grateful for the opportunity to work with Jim Rutledge on this project, from a journey we embarked on together many years ago.

In the spirit of this collaboration, a portion of the proceeds from Blend No. 1 are donated to The Appalachian Impact Fund, an American cause near and dear to our hearts.

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3 Year

Rye Whiskey

80% Rye12% Corn8% Barley
20 Barrels
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6 Year 

Rye Whiskey

51% Rye45% Corn4% Barley
8 Barrels
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8 Year 

Bourbon Whiskey

75% Corn21% Rye4% Barley
12 Barrels

AoA Blend No. 2

Our second release was born out of utilizing barrels from our collection that speak to the roots of our founders.

Rare barrels from Georgia and Tennessee were blended with our Kentucky High Rye base to yield a 65% Rye/35% Bourbon that is truly one of a kind.

This blend was achieved through multiple sessions, all considering the unique mash bills, ages and flavor characteristics of the three different whiskeys.

As with Blend No. 1, a portion of the proceeds from Blend No. 2 are donated to The Appalachian Impact Fund, a cause near and dear to our hearts.

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4 Year

Rye Whiskey (KY)

80% Rye12% Corn8% Barley
23 Barrels
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9 Year

Bourbon Whiskey (GA)

80% Corn 10% Rye 5% Wheat 5% Barley
9 Barrels
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10 Year 

Bourbon Whiskey (TN)

84% Corn8% Rye8% Barley
4 Barrels

AoA Blend No. 3

With our third product, we're proud to highlight Kentucky's finest rye whisky, a single-source release that we've traditionally used as a part of our blended whiskies.

After tasking these barrels repeatedly over the past few years, we couldn't resist the urge to let them shine on their own. 

These barrels are rare, distinct, and truly exist in a place of their own. We hope you enjoy this Straight Rye release as much as we do! 

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6 Year

Rye Whiskey (KY)

80% Rye12% Corn8% Barley
15 Barrels

Our Process

Our mission is to broaden horizons and collaborate with makers who like to push limits.

Each blend is created from rare, orphaned, and exceptional whiskies that have been passionately sourced and discovered by our team. Unconventional in ways, we blend distillates that could each very well stand on their own.

We draw from a long list of whiskey compatriots, who just happen to be some of the most influential minds, brands, and masters in the world, to create something that at its sum, is great than its parts. The results are always unique, where no two blends will ever be the same and each release would be impossible to replicate.

Future Releases

We are inspired by constant innovation and sharing our innovations with fellow enthusiasts. If you missed our first release, fear not. Our Blend No. 2 is hitting shelves soon and we continue to develop new and exciting concepts.

Beyond this, our vision is to introduce a couple of new small batch releases each year. Not by design, but by necessity through a painstaking process of discovery, each batch will be available in limited supply.

Stay tuned for what’s next in whiskey and beyond...

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