AoA Blend No. 3

AoA Blend No. 3

With our third product, we’re proud to highlight Kentucky’s finest rye whisky, a single-source release that we’ve traditionally used as a part of our blended whiskies. 

After tasking these barrels repeatedly over the past few years, we couldn’t resist the urge to let them shine on their own. 

These barrels are rare, distinct, and truly exist in a place of their own. We hope you enjoy this Straight Rye release as much as we do! 

Rectangle 30

5 Year

Rye Whiskey (KY)

80% Rye12% Corn8% Barley
15 Barrels


We partner with Seelbach’s to provide our products online.


Due to the size of our batches, we have limited retail distribution. Look for us in fine retailers in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming, or inquire below.

AoA Blend NO. 1

Our flagship release is a combination of three exceptional distillates of varying ages—two ryes and one bourbon. Each was extracted from our unique collection of found, rare, and orphaned barrels.